About Caret Pharma

Caret Pharma® was founded in 2017 by Fred Hassan, former Chairman and CEO of Pharmacia and of Schering-Plough. Caret Pharma and IM HealthScience® are subsidiaries of Caret Group, a privately held investment company in Boca Raton, Florida.

The mission of all healthcare related subsidiaries of the Caret Group is to empower patients and their physicians with cutting-edge innovations that are engineered into the delivery of well-recognized, safe and effective substances. These healthcare subsidiaries already provide well-known products including IBgard® for Irritable Bowel Syndrome, FDgard® for Functional Dyspepsia, Fiber Choice®, a prebiotic fiber supplement, and REMfresh® for sleep. There is more research and development underway to bring innovations to address additional unmet needs. For more information, visit www.caretgroup.com, www.imhealthscience.com, or www.physiciansseal.com to learn more about these companies.